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WPVN participates in a photo contest with SEDIA Corporation in Japan

CI Organizing Committee - Announcement of teammates challenge content - Photo contest
"Team Moment" is the Sedia station Team Photo Contest organized by the CI organizers of Sedia Corporation. The competition aims to spread the message, cohesive teamwork, bringing laughter among members of organizations and corporations. Responding to the movement members Watanabe Pipe Vietnam together pictures to join Japan Watanabe Pipe.
The Organizing Committee has given the necessary requirements: Take photos of all members according to the above request (at least 2 people).

Please send the name of the participants take photos (including the photographer), one sentence comment for photos and photos sent to the organizers

Photos can be taken with a camera or phone but must be clear for each family member, clearly laid out, in harmony and true to the colors.

At the same time, the photo submitted must be the photo that has never won any prize in any photo contest (including pictures on the internet, newspapers, magazines ...)

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