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What we do?

Watanabe pipe Viet Nam, under its brand SEDIA SYSTEM, designs, manufactures, builds and installs all types of structures technologically efficient, modern, and functional greenhouses for intensive agriculture that we offer our customers for immediate implementation.

How we do it?

We combine our experience, technology and the best materials. 

Advantages of Our structures

  • Large gutters
  • Special reinforcements
  • Better Lighting
  • Strength and solidity
  • More watertight

Why us??

Watanabe pipe Vietnam Greenhouse designs, manufactures, builds and installs modern, technologically advanced and functional greenhouse structures, intended for intensive agriculture. They are available for our immediate use
On the other hand, Watanebe pipe Viet Nam is the company that offers the best and complete service with over 67 years experience and has the best quality materials that customers trust.

+84 916799757