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The standard dimensions of this type of greenhouse are:

  • Span: 9.6 m - 10 m
  • Gutter height: 4m - 4.5m
  • Top height: 7.5m - 8m
  • Distance between pillars: 3m - 4m


1. When is your right choice?

  • This type of greenhouse is designed fit can adapt to almost any weather conditions
  • Suitable for all types of plants, especially melon, cucumber, tomato, vegetables,...
  • On the other hand, they provide great wind resistance and fast installation

2. ATLAS greenhouses advantages: 

  • Tall, strong frame, Easy erection, Economical, Good lighting in a greenhouse, Good ventilation efficiency, Effective against rain and wind

3. Why us?

  • Watanabe pipe Viet Nam Greenhouses designs, manufactures, builds and installs modern, technologically efficient and functional greenhouse structures, intended for intensive agriculture. They are available for our clients' immediate use.
  • On the other hand, Watanebe pipe Viet Nam is the company that offers the best and complete service with over 67 years of experience and with the best quality materials be trusted by customers.

Orther products

Big Tunnel

Big Tunnel

Tunnel greenhouses don’t have straight walls, the structure is completely curved from the point of attachment on the ground to the ridge. The shape of the arcs may be curved or arched. It is composed of one or more modules with a series of arches made of galvanized cylindrical tubes, which do not require concrete footings, enabling transfer and easy installation. Its shaped allows accommodating a larger volume of air inside and provides resistance to rain.
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