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Thai Son Breeding Service Cooperative - Safe Vegetable, Tuber and Fruit Production Area

Thai Son Breeding Service Cooperative - Safe Vegetable, Tuber and Fruit Production Area
Address: Nai Son, Tu Son Commune, Kien Thuy District, City. Hai Phong
Speaker: Ms. Dong Thi Doanh - Director of Thai Son Breeding Service Cooperative.
Greenhouse types: Pipe house
“The location of our cultivation area is located near the sea in Kien Thuy District - Hai Phong City with a cultivated area: 2ha in which the area of a greenhouse, 7 houses has an area of nearly 10,000. m2 with main products are short-term leafy vegetables, fruits, vegetables, spices, ... Growing with 100% organic form.
In order to minimize the initial investment cost, our cooperative thanks a Vietnamese unit to build the entire 10,000m2 net house area, after nearly a year of use, with design weaknesses, low and hot, poor wind resistance leads to most of greenhouses are super crooked, greatly affecting productivity and farming seasons.
Through the organization "Jica, the Project of Increasing Confidence in the Field of Plant Production in the North", support and introduce to Watanabe Pipe Vietnam Company to support repair and improvement of the height of a house. house and support to cool the house as well as withstand strong storms near the sea with an area of ​​576m2. With the support bracing system on the dome as well as the cable bracing system is very solid and solid. At the beginning of July 2020, after the renovation of the house is completed, we have produced a short crop of vegetables after renovating the house, the house is airy, so vegetables grow very well, green leaves, and fertilizer is also minimized, harvesting time is shortened by nearly 1 week compared to before.

In order to ensure the peace of mind for long-term production stability to create clean, delicious agricultural products, to bring peace of mind to consumers, we trust that Watanabe Pipe Vietnam Company is supporting 3 more renovations. another greenhouses with an area of ​​2808m2 and in the near future, we will completely renovate the remaining net houses.

Through the project of increasing reliability in the field of safe crop production in the North, we have learned about Watanabe Pipe Vietnam Company. If only we knew from the beginning that Watanabe Pipe company supported the construction, we would have stabilized production, saving more investment costs.

Therefore, I recommend that all people who are in need of making membrane houses and greenhouses should choose Watanabe Pipe Vietnam company from the beginning to have a stable house, to avoid renovation and repair like the cooperative of we affect the season as well as cost. With a team of sales staff as well as Japanese engineers who calculate and advise wholeheartedly, a team of professional construction, careful, with my growing experience, my house is definitely a great house like this. will make the plant grow and develop well, bring high efficiency.

I am very satisfied and believe in the Japanese brand name after being renovated by Watanabe Pipe Company for the houses ”shared by Ms. Dong Thi Doanh, Director of Cooperative.

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